the judy family

i love this family so much.  

what makes this family mean so much to me is the story of how we met. 

i took my girls to the downtown library one random tuesday morning and after the puppet show we made our way to the infamous courtyard with the great big round fountain the middle. while the girls were throwing pennies (and trying to retrieve them back out) i saw a sweet mom off to the side with her two precious boys. jess was not even two yet probably and fitts was just a few weeks old.  her mom was with her and they were trying to snap some pics on their iPhone.  

now anyone that knows me well, knows that OF COURSE i had my dslr on me and OF COURSE i walked over and offered to snap a few pictures.  id just started my business but i really just felt for this mom.  all we really want are good pictures of our children.  of our families. of the love shared between them. its why i started this business and why i became obsessed with photography in general.  i wanted great photos of my kids.  as they are.  in their element.  i want all moms and dads to have great pictures of their beautiful families.  i want to capture love and different dynamics between families, today, tomorrow and for a lifetime.  

so marti and i connected that day and I've been so honored to take pictures of her family over the past year.  marti and noble shared their nine year anniversary this week.  no better time to document this family's days.