fall sewing school


dream collaborations....this is one for me...

the children's corner is a precious one-stop-shop for all of your sewing needs, owned by the talented and creative emily douglas and karen gooch.  they have hand picked each fabric, zipper and button and have cultivated a perfect boutique to make sewing easy and fun for any level.  they offer schools, classes, workshops, girls nights out - you name it - to teach you how to make your own clothes. not just for your kiddo's wardrobe, yourself included.  they also own their own pattern company and are currently rebranding it to make the sewing process from start to finish more current, accessible and fun for all of us hopeful (and expert) crafters out there.  their fabric selection is my personal favorite, with tons of liberty and other high-end selections in every hue, floral and print.  

I've been lucky enough to work with emily and karen on their lifestyle side of things, capturing littles in their timeless frocks.  telling the story that we can all make our kids clothes and have a personal investment and connection with what our kids wear.  i have attended a workshop there and made a sweet little shift that all three of my girls will wear and i will cherish forever!

this session was SO much fun with the bubbly audrey.  I've know her mommy for years and so this was such a treat to see how much she has grown and she was the perfect little lady in this stunning corduroy dress with liberty accents and embroidery details.  see more at

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