baby sam

sweet little baby boy sam.  he was a surprise and the BEST kind of surprise. my favorite is when i showed up, jennifer mentioned she had to remove all the pink from his room.  he was just a week old and since he's sharing the room with big sister vaughn, she did a perfect pink edit and the blended room is one she has designed from vintage finds and perfectly complemented pink and blue hues.

this family has been a really unexpected blessing to my business.  i loved meeting jennifer and her gorgeous family and i knew right off the bat the love between them would show in our little sessions together.  jennifer is an incredible mom - interactive, loving and so comfortable in her role.  hall owns his own super successful landscaping business and we can't wait for him to overhaul our front and backyards at our own house in the next few months.  i could not be any happier that they have a precious baby boy now and that vaughn will be the spitfire, loving big sister he needs.  she's so smart and beautiful and loving...the apple never falls far from the tree does it??   can't wait to watch these two siblings grow....