baby bailey and her adoring big sister. 

i know this scene well since i went through it myself five years ago with my first two girls.  quinn is in LOVE with her baby sister, bailey. reading to her, patting her head, counting her toes, and just wants to hold her non-stop.  its moments that change in an instant and over weeks of baby sisters arrival and I'm so thrilled i was there to capture these for this family.  

i called to prep mom over the phone for the shoot and it was a bit unnecessary actually.  shaun is a laid back mom who has brought hundreds of babies into the world herself (she's an OB).  she and dad were open to any shots i wanted to play with and quinn was just perfection in her big sister role.  along with fresh paint on the walls and newly laid tile in the master bathroom, we took advantage of every open space and beautiful nook in the house.