turkish-t & the holidays

holidays are 55 days away and turkish-t has your covered - literally.  in the coziest, most luxurious cottons, lambswool, and fleece.  in the most contemporary and beautiful patterns that will update and adorn the homes of all your family and friends.

sue has really cultivated the most gorgeous fall line yet....more at 

operation purple haze

this is a case of when talented friends come together with their talents and trust in eachother, it creates magic.  

my friends emily douglas and rachel fogarty  (IG @the_lovely_light) collaborated on this sweet little bungalow in 12 south and created some magic for sure.  emily douglas owns The Children's Corner, an original and inspiring boutique in berry hill area of nashviille where you can purchase all of your sewing essentials including beautiful fabrics, but more importantly you can learn how to sew those fabrics into clothes for the entire family.  rachel fogarty is the owner of RFogarty Designs here in nashville, took this bungalow from purple haze single family home to a hot on the market airbnb to drool over.  and even more amazing?  she did it in a short 3 week timeline.  the entire house.  every detail from toaster oven to throw pillow. 

ivebeen noticing all these friends around me who kids are gaining some independence and the moms are spreading their wings creatively.  we are all finding what we really want to be in life and showing our kids how we want to impact this local community and even larger.  emily and rachel are definitely examples of this...and i couldn't be more honored to capture this creative collaboration between them!

so keep an eye out for this desirable bungalow for your family and friends visiting Nashville - link will be featured here soon.

 also sourcing for these fabulous finds can be found at rachel's website soon at