an honor to serve

ive mentioned my friend, connie, several times on my instagram feeds.  and most of you know my love for yoga.  i met connie because she was in my teacher training class for yoga certification a few years ago at epic yoga in brentwood.  through some guidance of the epic yoga owner, she emerged from that training with an idea to bring yoga to the military, where they are.  and to serve.  her husband, greg, has deployed many times and is still in the reserves.  she recognized a really huge gap with soldiers, their care, and the enormous suicide rate - 22 military suicides a day.  ft campbell currently has the highest military suicide number in the nation, and she immediately went into action.  i tagged along as her assistant and partner, pregnant at the time with my youngest.  photography in the meantime has taken off for me, so now (when im available and have a sitter lined up) i go and document her incredible gift she gives these soldiers weekly. we reminisced this morning about that first time up there on a helipad with 20 soldiers.

three years later, she's still going strong and has branched out to reach the military on bases across the country through her nonprofit Joined Forces Yoga.  she hosts trainings for teachers nationwide, and has recruited volunteer teachers to serve through her nonprofit.  connie is AMAZING and an inspiration to me. she's dedicated her life to this work.  these soldiers give so much to us.  they give their lives for us every day.  

connie (and members of her nonprofit including myself) were honored yesterday for her service with a certificate of appreciation and also a black heart - the heart insignia is worn on each soldiers' helmet to signify their unit.  we are honored, humbled, and grateful for their recognition and its a token we will cherish forever. 

thank you to the soldiers who serve.  there's no greater gift.  and thank you to the 2nd Brigade Army Strike for having Joined Forces Yoga each week. 

learn more at  and please consider a donation or volunteering with us!  donate mats, blocks, money, time....

a world free of MS

image from MS Fall Crush of nashville chefs preparing their culinary specialities for guests - Lockeland Table, The Farm House, Adele's, Green Door Gourmet, Oak Steakhouse

sunday night captured the essence of the MS Society's mission:

"People affected by MS can live their best lives as we stop MS in its tracks, restore what has been lost and end MS forever." -National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Fall Crush is an annual event that incorporates incredibly talented local chefs, really good wine, and a lot of passionate and generous people to find a cure to this neurological disease that affects 2.3 million people worldwide.  Multiple Sclerosis can be a very tricky condition to diagnose since there are varying degrees and symptoms.  The procedure involves ruling out many other potential illnesses and narrowing the field to an eventual diagnosis.  Some get a diagnosis in 4 weeks, some over the course of several months.  We can do better and the mission of the MS society believes so too.  "Together we are stronger" and i saw this first hand on sunday night as 150 guests, 6 chefs, and many others gathered at Green Door Gourmet to sip, savor and stop MS.

thank you to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Mid South Chapter for asking me to document this event.  Alongside Mayter Photography, we had a blast capturing this event.


Hal Holden-Bache - Lockeland Table, Travis McShane - Adele's, Rachel De Jong - 5th and Taylor, Eric Zizka - Oak Steakhouse, Richard Jones - Green Door Gourmet & Trey Cioccia - The Farm House

I dedicate this nights work to my dear friend Gabi, one of the strongest people I know.  I stand with you friend and this new journey you are on wherever it may lead.  


National Honey Bee Day

saturday was national honey bee day and the land trust of tennessee knows how to host a party to celebrate!!  glen leven is one of my favorite spots in all of nashville and i was thrilled when they asked me to capture this fun day for them.  the land trust of tenneesee received this 65 acre property and will protect it as a working farm forever.  and perfectly fitting, it boasts an incredible bee sanctuary that was the highlight of saturday's festivities.  the land trust offered  private tours (that sold out quickly) of the sanctuary to see the bees up close and personal in protective gear.

guests also could sample local jackalope brewery's newest beer grown with hops right there on glen leven's property.  they could also try some fresh okra and peppers, and of course honey that was harvested right there on property as well.  they held lectures in the historic home on site and had many patrons on hand to answer questions.  kid crafts, self-guided tours of the working garden, and just exploring nature's urban and historic classroom - glen leven is a sacred place for us all to enjoy now thanks to the land trust of tennesee.

any opportunity i have to visit glen leven, our family jumps at it and our girls had a blast testing the honey - thanks to uncle joe and aunty muddy for sending them home with their very own jars - and exploring the grounds of this stunning piece of preserved land.  

they offer these free admission (donates of $10/vehicle are appreciated but not required) several times a year...don't miss out on the next one!!  follow them on instagram at landtrusttn  - also visit to learn more about all of their projects around the state of tennesee,