just got back from a vaca on 30a, more specifically rosemary beach. and now that im back, it feels more like a work trip than a "vaca" per say. but one that allowed me to capture so many families, a bride and groom so in love it made my heart skip a beat, and of course some of turkish-t's new threads. below are some snips & tips of some of my favorite moments among those 10 days...

special thanks to my amazing nanny, eileen - the best of the best


take a nanny you can share 600 sq ft with and also doubles as a model




early mornings were made for the beach - wide open spaces, sandcastles, and chasing waves.

if they can't bike, they can scoot, or cruise to all the coolest local waterholes

pool time


friends make vacation more fun, especially when they can transport beer and tuna dip by bike

when all else fails, find the nearest spa 

or book a room...



remember you got the nanny??

storms on the cape

i know I'm biased, but i married into the greatest family ever....

last week, i was lucky enough to go to the beach with my sister-in-law and our dear friends from jacksonville.  all the husbands turn 40 this year (including mine) so we got all the families together to cheers into the next decade together.  the husbands have all known each other since they were in preschool, so its a really special group where the lines are blurred on who is family and who is friends.  we are all family and the love is equal.  and once again, i have to pinch myself that i got so lucky to marry into all these special people in his life.  with 9 kids and 6 adults under one roof, we declared it a "trip" - not to be confused with a "vacation" .  cousins and old friends mesh well, play hard, and crash early.  and parents start happy hour at breakfast....

my sister-in-law is really so special to me. we are the exact same age, have kiddos just days apart from each other.  not only is she super talented, motivated and gorgeous, but she also has made me feel like a part of the family from day one.  could not be more grateful for her in my life... not to mention she models for me too and more to come on that in a later post...

thankful for these five people in my life on a daily basis and was so honored to capture them in a place they love.