foster the fun

i was SO honored when rory asked me to capture her family.  she wanted FUN, real photos of her little clan and so we picked a park close to our neighborhood.  an iconic park in nashville, but one where they could spread their wings, literally in some cases and be playful in a gorgeous sunset park evening.  i try not to play favorites, and loved each little foster's personalities, but evie stole my heart and the show pretty quickly.  she LOVED the camera, and i loved her for it.  she also reminded me SO much of my little middle child, tate.  beats to her own drum.  

this family is the epitome of loving and glad i was able to capture these memories.

thanks to rory for trusting me.  xoxo


i met this family last november in a quick fall session. last fall for me was a whirlwind. so many trusting friends, new people in my life, super fun kiddos, and me floating through it and finding my voice through a tiny viewfinder.  i say all the time, I'm SO grateful for each of the 50+ families who entrusted me last fall with their big holiday card dreams.  this family was no exception.  the session started off in a race to capture the light with little 9 month old ross.  we got one of my favorite shots i took all last season.  

i tell people all the time, i sort of thrive on long as the families can sit back and enjoy the ride and can trust me, i can show them real life in print.  what will our kids want pictures of when they are older?  they won't be the posed, stiff photos sitting on a bench.  they will notice the car in the background and the memories that unfolded inside it.  they will notice the yellow lamp by the bedside table, that now sits in their living room as an adult.  they will cherish these real life moments interacting with their mom or dad and siblings.  this is the heart of each of my shoots.  all i ask is for you to relax, smile and play - and you'll get keepsakes to be passed down through generations.

this summer, this family grew by adding baby sister whitaker.  she is so loved and such a blessing to this family.  and again, thankful to vance for trusting me with capturing her early days at home.  welcome home baby whitaker.