katie madden

confession.  my love of art is similar to my love of wine.  I'm completely uneducated about it, but i love it and appreciate many different styles and varieties.

meeting katie was just another part of my ongoing education of fine art and boy was i lucky to be up close and personal with such stunning pieces.  everything about katie is effortless and breezy.  she showed up at my house with a few large pieces for us to capture on film, along with her easel and her paint cup.  a plastic cup that she's used for years.  its similar to one of those cups you get at a bridal shower or engagement party with the couple's name printed on the outside.  so unassuming and simple, yet it holds the heart of her work before she's put it on canvas. this paint cup was the heart of our photo shoot as well. to me it demonstrated that simple tools in the right hands can make masterpieces adorning walls in your home. something i strive for too in my work. 

i can't wait to see her next piece, inspired by her trip to italy... 

thanks to katie madden fine art - find her at