on the farm with the talberts

when mom mentioned her sister-in-law was renting a farm near franklin, tn and it might be the right spot for our family session, i couldn't wait to see it.  note to all of you families out there...a farm is ALWAYS a good idea.  this was the perfect spot to capture these two siblings in fall, their friendship with each other, their sweet dynamic with each parent, and of course their quirky little personalities.

best of all, we had a wild and free backdrop for this family of four and i loved capturing the love they have.  my goal is always to start with mom and dad first, and layer in the kids.  its important to start the family at the heart of the home - the parents.  and the kids can join in organically and bring the giggles and cuddles.  audrey and foster were experts in this sweet addition to the family photo.  

and finally, i hope to capture the mom.  im usually hired by moms, and we rarely have photos of just us.  it is so important to have a beautiful image just of her.  because after the day to day grind of loving on your kids and balancing your family life,  you deserve it.  

happy thanksgiving to my clients.  sending hugs and love your way.  so much to be thankful for, its all around you!

boys on the farm

when a mom has a particular spot in mind for our shoot, im all for it. i love a mom with vision and rachel had it for this years holiday shoot.  but she let me have free reign of the gorgeous piece of farm property south of nashville.  we sought out spots of incredible light and shadows, and the boys were the perfect subjects with all the scenic backdrops of foothills, equestrian fields and striking architecture.  rachel has an thoughtful eye for design but more importantly she's an incredibly patient, playful and kind mom.  the boys made our afternoon on the farm their own brotherly adventure and i loved being there to capture the joy.  and i might have snuck in a couple of mom too...