mr and mrs duncan

photographing a bride and groom is a journey.   lisa contacted me over the summer and she was just the full package bride in my eyes.  lisa is super motivated and organized, but quickly offered her trust in those creative people around her, including me, and the planning process was totally calm.  her fearless wedding planner, blair laborde, took the reigns and put together a stunning affair.  with simple and understated details, so the focus remained on the reason we were all there in the first place. lisa and walker.  their love.  the connection that had been built on friendship, trust and solidarity.  lisa and walker were a dream to photograph on their wedding day. lisa was cool and collected (and gorgeous).  walker was eager and ready (and dapper) and these two made this day feel like a walk in the park with some very special accents of course.  her blue strappy stilettos, blush pink ribbons, and heavenly lace from her stunning dress to the tiered cake.

special thank you to my guru and dear friend, sara moe, for shooting this with me. 

design and planning - blair laborde 

a nashville engagement...

there's something to be said about finding the love of your life in your thirties...

a morning with lisa and walker was so easy.  free.  real.  taking pictures of two people kissing and having intimate moments is a potentially awkward situation for all three of us, right?  not these two and not not on this gorgeous fall morning just weeks before their wedding.  lisa and walker met in nashville, after they were both established in careers and had been through some major life changes.  it comes so natural to them to not to love one another, but to be accepting of the love and adoration of the other.  some couples need some direction, need guidance, reassurance which i'm ready and happy to offer and encourage.  but after scanning through the images we collected that morning a few weeks ago, i realized these organic moments came from them being comfortable, trusting each other, and meaningful life experience that brought these two together in a union that i saw as one unclouded by the outside world.  

i cannot wait to capture their special day when they declare in front of all of their loved ones, the future they've chosen to live together.  a love worth waiting for.