this session was particularly meaningful for me this year.  blair and i have been friends for a few years now in nashville, and blair has been one of my biggest cheerleaders in building my craft over the past few years.  it all started with a wild and free sunset adventure on the beach in rosemary, and i feel like it has come full circle as they are now settling into their gorgeous home in belle meade after many years of moving for cregan's school and work and renting.  on top of that, blair and i collaborated together on a gorgeous wedding in november ant our shoot fell just a few weeks before the big event.   blair and i have worked so closely together this fall and im thrilled about her building her own brand and business.

kate and monroe are so thick as thieves. kate, whimsical and spunky, and monroe, sweet and gentle - they balance each other perfectly and they love each other hard.  when i showed up, they were ready to play, dance, swing and show off all their favorite spots in their new home.  while mom and dad got dressed, true personalities of these two in action unfolded and loved being a part of the everyday life of this family in their new stage.  Blair and cregan are still putting the finishing touches on their new nest, and i can't wait to photograph it when it's finished. my favorite current piece, cregan's heirloom vintage leather sofa.  

at home with bo

loved meeting this family on sunday afternoon.  they live in the heart of a gorgeous neighborhood in nashville and between caroline, a nashville native, and teddy's mom, the house is decorated in a stunning contemporary style.  i was immediately drawn into every detail, right down to the modern birdhouse hanging in the front yard.  bo is a precious 8 month old little boy and had perfected his handsome stoic stare for me.  he is scrumptious and this family was such a joy to be with on this gorgeous warm fall day.

home with izzy and louisa

the ozburn family oozes casual and contemporary.  and are the example that living beautifully and authentically IS possible with children.  on this particular day, three of them.

i loved meeting this family - mark and hannah live in a gorgeous tudor home in nashville.  hannah is an interior designer ( and has just moved her business here to nashville after 6 years of working in design in new york.  i was shocked to learn they had only been in this home 1 year, it felt like a home where every wall, nook had been cultivated to personify them as a family.  the home spoke volumes about who these people are, the love they have for each other and the vision of life and laughter in a comfortable and beautiful space.  added bonus on this day, louisa's adoring older cousins, aunt catherine, and mark's kind and gentle mom. 

fall with the ozburns...