sarah cannon research institute

fighting cancer together.  

that is sarah cannon's motto and i got a sense of that immediately upon arrival at this integrated cancer center located in nashville, tn.  sarah cannon is the research arm of HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) and was formed more than 20 years ago.  in addition to expert cancer care, they offer more than 500 clinical trials a year.  their goal is to transform care by advancing the science of fighting cancer.   i was hired to help them with a certain project for their new building they are re-locating to in a few months.  the lifestyle images i would  capture will also be used for other various marketing and ongoing advertising efforts.  

although I've done several commercial and retail work, this was my first work inside a hospital. challenging light and sterile environments were major obstacles in my way to create my typical warm images.  but what i found that day in front of me: cutting-edge therapies, caring nurses, professional and compassionate doctors, and patients who transformed me with their smiles and confidence in their future.

every shoot for me, i learn something.  the people i shoot, they teach me.  the love i see through the lens, makes me whole.  my work at sarah cannon is something im so proud of because they are changing lives there, providing hope which is all we really have in this world.  I'm so honored to be a very tiny part of their mission to change lives.

*special thanks to gabi hannafan for her friendship and for all she does to further this mission.