baby annie afton

i had the pleasure of meeting little baby annie afton at 1 week and 1 day old.  she is perfect in every way down to her little button nose.  thankfully she was resilient through us waking her up, moving her around and lots of big sister kisses and little pats.  this family just moved back into their precious bungalow in sylvan park after a short move to memphis.  although moms want the house to be perfect, they never are right?  and the benefit for me of a newly moved in family is all the boxes aren't unpacked and there's less to move around and typically freshly painted walls.  white sheets and bedding - perfect!  annie afton's warm and cozy nursery nook was my favorite spot - paige (mom) has a really impressive eye for design and soon is opening  booth of cultivated pieces.  

thank you paige for inviting me into your previous family moments.  loved meeting you all!