My process of photographing involves capturing real, candid and authentic moments of you and your people! I document the beautiful in your everyday life and the people you love. We're going to put the present fleeting moments of you and your loved ones on film. These photos aren't just for you, they are for the future generations to treasure and remember. I am shooting your children, your loved ones, your clients, your home, your weddings and all those memories you want to see come to life. I am like you, I have a family I love and of course, a messy home! I have kids that drive me crazy but I love them more than anything in this whole world. I love photographing mine and I am bringing my passion for documenting my own family, to yours. 

2023 Packages

heirloom linen album start at $850

fine matte art PRINTS
4x6 $35
5x7 $45
8x10 $60
11x14 $75
*more sizes available upon request

A La Carte

Turkish-t, client

"I almost hate to tell anyone, Mary Craven is my hidden gem. Her natural, carefree style, has been instrumental in helping tell our story so organically. She has an innate ability to see the story before it is told and to capture it while it’s being lived."

Alabaster Walnut designs, client

"Mary Craven is magical. Whether she is photographing my family or my work, she always captures more than just a picture. She captures a feeling. She captures the story. Her crisp, clean aesthetic and love of natural light make every photo feel dreamy.”

Red leaf interiors, client

“Mary has a keen eye and great technical skills. Mary’s easy going demeanor takes the stress out of the process and I always look forward to the next shoot because it is like getting together with a friend." 

Helen, Bride

"Mary is so talented and such a joy to work with. She brings a brilliant mix of mix of laid back boho chic, efficiency & fun with you. Mary gets things done in a seemingly effortless way which gave me peace of mind.”

When I arrive, I look around, finding the best space and lighting for us to shoot in. The more natural light the better. If lighting is too dark outdoors, we may need to reschedule. 

what do you do when you arrive?

Schedule your shoot before or after nap time (not during). Take away any distractions before I arrive like an ipad or tv to avoid tantrums.  I can't compete with Ipads and if you take it away when I arrive, it will only delay their trust in me and happy smiles.  If we are shooting inside, turn off lights and open drapes and blinds. Move anything you dont want in pictures. 

what should I do before you arrive to photograph my family?

Maybe a little chaos & toot jokes, but don't stress about the photos. If you're stressed, your kids will be too. Be open minded and happy and your kids will be too.  Your expectations should be minimal.  If you need a tequila shot prior, I'm not discouraging that.  This should not be stressful!  Let's play and have fun with it and your photos will reflect that vibe! We don't want stiff and boring!

what should I expect from our time together?


My goal is to get you photos within two weeks!

When will I get my photos?  

I love capturing families in their happy place so your home is a great place to shoot if you are open to it.  We can always meet at a big open park too or brainstorm fun ideas if you want to think big.  I love new ideas and inspiration, so feel free to send it to me!

Where should we shoot?

Don't stress about the mess or kids behavior. Having 3 kids myself, I've seen every possible act from them.  Wear something fitted but comfortable and let kids have some say in what they wear.  They will be happier being a part of the process.

What shooting tips do you have for us as parents?

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