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Turkish-t, client

"I almost hate to tell anyone, Mary Craven is my hidden gem. Her natural, carefree style, has been instrumental in helping tell our story so organically. She has an innate ability to see the story before it is told and to capture it while it’s being lived."

Alabaster Walnut designs, client

"Mary Craven is magical. Whether she is photographing my family or my work, she always captures more than just a picture. She captures a feeling. She captures the story. Her crisp, clean aesthetic and love of natural light make every photo feel dreamy.”

Red leaf interiors, client

“Mary has a keen eye and great technical skills. Mary’s easy going demeanor takes the stress out of the process and I always look forward to the next shoot because it is like getting together with a friend." 

Helen, Bride

"Mary is so talented and such a joy to work with. She brings a brilliant mix of mix of laid back boho chic, efficiency & fun with you. Mary gets things done in a seemingly effortless way which gave me peace of mind.”

Typically I recommend either styling before I arrive so it doesn't eat into our time of shooting.  Or I have several contacts of stylists I can recommend that are amazing at what they do and really make your designs shine.  Hiring a stylist is always a good idea if you have it in the budget for the shoot.

Do you style the shots?  

Occasionally and only if needed.  But 90% of the time I am using all natural light and selecting angles that work with natural light. I do work with a digitech and lighting assistant on all half day and full day shoots which is included, so he will help me make those decisions and we can bring in additional lighting or equipment to balance light if needed for certain shots.

do you use additional lighting?

I do work with a digitech and lighting assistant on half day and full day shoots.  If you are booking an hour shoot and would like him on site, please let me know at least 4 weeks in advance.  We tether so you can view in camera & can bring in lighting if needed.  

Do you tether so i can see shots in real time while you are shooting?


I view our shoot as a collaboration.  So yes, you can use these on your social media with credit, website, and marketing materials.  I ask you credit me on all socials and print.  If you are doing an ad in a magazine or are being featured with my photos in a publication, I require consent and credit through the magazine and I will work through licensing with the publication direction for usage. 

how do you handle usage rights?  can i use them on my website and social media?

Yes!  I will start with wide horizontal and vertical shots (depending on the room) and then capture all the vignettes and tight detail shots as well.   I welcome you to form a shot list ahead of time and we can work through that on site!

will i get a mix of wide shots and tight detail shots?

Depends on what you want and how the lighting is in the home.  If its very yellow or a mix of colors, we will aim for lights off and thats usually my preference.  I have shot lights on as well, and its possible. 

do you shoot with lights or lights off?

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