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My process of photographing involves capturing real, candid and authentic moments of you and the brand and lifestyle you've built and love.  I want to tell the story of the layers of your business.  The tiny details, the bigger picture, and all the in between beautiful moments that go into your business.  

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Lifestyle & Events

*Copyright notice - These photographs are copyrighted and the download access I'm offering allows printing release for personal use, as well use on both social media and commercial website with tagging and credit to Mary Craven Photography. All commercial printing and publication in magazines or any other print application requires consent and license fee prior from Mary Craven.  

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Turkish-t, client

"I almost hate to tell anyone, Mary Craven is my hidden gem. Her natural, carefree style, has been instrumental in helping tell our story so organically. She has an innate ability to see the story before it is told and to capture it while it’s being lived."

Alabaster Walnut designs, client

"Mary Craven is magical. Whether she is photographing my family or my work, she always captures more than just a picture. She captures a feeling. She captures the story. Her crisp, clean aesthetic and love of natural light make every photo feel dreamy.”

Red leaf interiors, client

“Mary has a keen eye and great technical skills. Mary’s easy going demeanor takes the stress out of the process and I always look forward to the next shoot because it is like getting together with a friend." 

Helen, Bride

"Mary is so talented and such a joy to work with. She brings a brilliant mix of mix of laid back boho chic, efficiency & fun with you. Mary gets things done in a seemingly effortless way which gave me peace of mind.”

When I arrive, I look around, finding the best space and lighting for us to shoot in. The more natural light the better. If lighting is too dark outdoors, we may need to reschedule. 

what do you do when you arrive on location?

Yes!  It's best if you are prepared prior to my arrival or our shoot time, but I definitely help tweak things once we get you or your products in front of the lens.

Do you help style the shot?  

This all depends of course, but usually anywhere from 50-75 images usually.  

how many digital files do you usually deliver in an hour session?


Yes!  This is always an option if you prefer me shoot your products in studio on my own time.  Depending on how many products it will take me 1-2 hours typically and my normal rate applies.  Different backdrop and styling options are available so contact me for more information about executing the vibe you want for your brand!

Can I drop off my products and have you shoot them in your studio?

Of course!  We can schedule up to a week prior to our shoot to be full prepared. 

can we have a zoom or call prior to the shoot?

I can tether on my wireless ipad (wifi required on location) but it does slow our process down slightly.  I usually shoot quick to get as much content as possible.  But if you prefer a tether to ipad, let me know ahead of time so I bring it!

do you tether so we can see the shot on a screen?

Or Email me at MARYCRAVENphotography@GMAIL.COM

schedule a 15 minute call here or contact me for additional questions

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