A Perfectly Nashville Birthday Party

Apr 27

Milestone birthdays are worth going all out for. Inviting your favorite people with your favorite food and having fun celebrating YOU and all you bring to this world. After all, we get one chance at life and it’s worth enjoying.

Some of my favorite celebrations have included the guest of honors activity of choice. Most guests love some friendly competition or interactions with one another. What do you enjoy doing? Is that an experience you can share with your guests? For this party, there were plenty of clay pigeons flying.

Regardless of what you do or don’t do, you’re going to want all your favorite people around you. I find that it’s often the people that make a party fun. Sure – you want to have a nice space and a plan for the time together, but the people make all the difference. And if you are celebrating, you want to be surrounded by those that enjoy celebrating.

After you have gathered up your party people, don’t forget about what you’d like to eat. The guest of honor’s favorite meal is another way to incorporate personal touches into the time together.

I can’t stress this point enough : Hire Professionals. If you are able, bring in some of the industry’s best to lighten your load and bring their magic to your party. Sarah Blair Events is always a joy to work with and they do a phenomenal job bringing their client’s vision to life. Not to mention the stress you will take off yourself and your family is nearly priceless.

And with that, I leave you with my final piece of advice. Enjoy yourself. We have learned in recent years not to take our time celebrating for granted and that still rings true today. Let the little things go and have fun!

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