Church Family

Nov 16

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to meet one of the coolest new families in town. The Church family moved from South Florida to Nashville with a new business venture. They purchased Gibson Guitars and I could not be more excited for them and this exciting endeavor. Gibson Guitars is one of the pioneers and the original owner started making instruments in 1894. The company has been in Nashville for over 35 years. Unfortunately, the company filed for bankruptcy, but the family has a new plan to bring it back to life with a new location in The Gulch. It’s an exciting time for the company and for Nashville.

Our time together was spent with lots of smiles. Their three boys have jumped right into their new Nashville life with arms wide open to make new friends. The mom, a former model, is one of the kindest people I have had a chance to meet. The family recently purchased a beautiful new home on a dead end road that they will be renovating. Lots of new adventures for this group and I was so grateful to be a part of documenting this time.

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