Must Do for a Weekend in Nashville

Sep 29

If you are planning your itinerary for the weekend, I’ve included some of my favorite places to go + the best things that Nashville has to offer.

First, you’re going to want to book where you are going to stay in Nashville. Luckily, you have so many amazing places to chose from.
I love the Fairlane Hotel with their midcentury vibes.  

In Midtown/Vanderbilt area, The Graduate Hotel is the ultimate fun spot to stay and experience collegiate life in Nash.

And Airbnb always has great options in 12 south so check there first!


Wake up and start your morning at Five Daughters Bakery in 12 south.  You think you are going for the doughnuts but you are really going for the egg and cheese biscuits which are the best I’ve ever had.   

From there – walk to Emerson Grace and start your morning of shopping down hipster highway – my favorite highlights are Emerson grace, Judith bright, Imogene and willie, UAL.  New to Nashville but fun stores to hop in are Faherty and Stoney Clover too. Don’t leave without grabbing lunch at Burger Up at the bottom of 12 south.  Go with the Woodstock or if you are a vegetarian – the quinoa patty is the best you’ll ever have!  And truffle fries for sure. 

After lunch, hop in an uber and head to Pinewood Social for an afternoon of the ultimate cool bowling scene and a mid-day-coffee-pick-me-up.   After a fun round of bowling, I recommend walking through downtown and crossing broadway to peruse the Honkey Tonks.  They are fun during the day and less crowded than at night.  

Walk to the Noelle Hotel lobby where they have one of my favorite shops of local goods – super funky and original. From there grab a drink at either the Dream lobby or the Bobby rooftop – or maybe both.  The views in each are awesome.  Head back to the hotel and change for the night.   

Dinner recs – top is always Rolf and Daughters if you can get a reservation.  The best food in nashville.  PERIOD!!  City House is another great option, as well as 5th and Taylor, Henrietta Red, or Geist and all are in Germantown area of Nashville.  Finish off your night at Mother’s Ruin. You come for a savvy cocktail drink but don’t leave without getting the waffle fries too.  


Wake up and nurse that foggy head at a several brunch options but my favorite being Fido in Hillsboro Village.  Its a down and dirty coffee shop that’s been around forever and is a Nashville establishment.  From there, lots of shops to walk around there in Hillsboro Village and make sure to grab a Jeni’s ice cream cone before you head to your next stop.

Uber to the gulch and grab a yummy lunch at Superica in the gulch – best tex mex in town.  You can log a fitness class there at Barry’s or Pure Barre and then shop at E. Allen and Urban Outfitters to name a few favorites.   When you’ve shopped til you drop, walk or uber to 5th and broadway where you can shop more, grab a glass of wine at the wine bar and get a blow out at the DryHouse Nashville for your night on the town.  

Other fun activities, a sound game, Ryman Auditorium for the ultimate concert experience OR Ascend Amphitheater downtown.

Hop in an Uber and head across the river to East Nashville to have a cocktail at Urban Cowboy, the perfect neighborhood local bar and then walk across the street to get dinner at Lockleland Table.  Hal, the chef there, is one of my favorites but also just a truly great guy.

Hopefully you have a fun concert planned at the Ryman, Ascend Amphitheater, Brooklyn Bowl or Station Inn – so many great venues in town!  If not, a late night tour of Broadway will be a vibrant display of the extensive talent in this town of incredible musicians.  My favorite honkey tonk bars are Robert’s, Dierks, and Luke Bryan’s but there are a ton on printers alley as well.


You probably fly out, but before you do Uber to Ladybird Taco on 8th Avenue and grab a Cuban coffee drink and some amazing breakfast tacos, the best in town.  

If you have extra time, there are plenty of other ideas for activities in Nashville – book a Sounds game if its in season.   A walk across the pedestrian bridge is so pretty!  
Great antiquing at Gas Lamp Antique Mall in berry hill if you need an indoor activity and want to peruse the booths for treasures.  Also another great shopping spot for indoor months is the L&L market which has everything you need in one cool old warehouse building.  Eat at Radish while you are over there and also make sure to pop in Oak on Charlotte Avenue for the best shop for one of a kind things!!

And before you leave, make sure to check out Spark Collection in Downtown Nashville. They offer beautifully crafted bracelets, necklaces, anklets or ring. The whole welded jewelry experience is interactive and fabulous to do with a group of friends.

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