Planning a Successful Branding/Lifestyle Shoot

Jan 21

I want you to make the most of our time together and over the years I have noticed a few different strategies to help you have the most successful branding or lifestyle shoot. In sharing these with you, I’m hopeful that it will give you a few things to consider to make sure your pictures turn out just as perfect as your product.

There are a number of components to consider before you book your branding session. Most of my clients mention the amount of time and effort it takes to pull these different aspects together, but it will be worth it.

Brand Board / Inspiration

You might get out your crafting supplies and take you back to middle school with a physical branding board of all your favorite inspiration photos or Pinterest can be extremely helpful. However you choose to gather your thoughts, I’d recommend trying to bring that together from a visual perspective. It can be something you share with me or keep it to yourself. I’ve noticed when doing this for myself that when I bring in all the pieces : the logo, product, brand colors and other branding shoots I’ve seen and loved, it helps give me direction on how I’d like my own photos to turn out.


If you are able, I highly recommend hiring professional models. Think about your audience and who your target market is. How do you want your brand to be represented and expressed? Professional models can save you a lot of time and almost guarantee great photos. They are professionals after all and know the best ways to stand, pose, and display your product. You can dictate clothing choices that are on brand and display your product the best way possible.


When it comes to props, your options are nearly endless. Depending on the space we are shooting, you want to make sure the props match the aesthetic of the space and your brand. I’ve seen clients use flowers, chairs, additional complimentary items to their product, baskets, handbags, greenery accents, blankets – there really are so many options to choose from depending on your product and the overall look you’d like to achieve. I’m happy to chat about these and other options if you need some ideas.

Plenty of Product

I always recommend coming to the shoot with plenty of product. If you think you have brought too much, you probably have enough. Most photographers shoot quickly and we want to make sure we get all the items in your collection captured. Plenty of items also allows us to curate them into different arrangements and that gives you more of the end product (great photos) to choose from.

Schedule Hair/Make-up

Whether you choose to do the shoot with employees, yourself or models, I highly recommend scheduling hair/make-up for before your shoot. Make-up shoots differently and a good hair/make-up artist will know how to take care of your hair and face, so it is camera ready.

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